Anonymous said: "What is the most hilariously unintentional innuendo you've encountered?"

I am not here for your entertainment, so please stay or else I’ll beat you with my umbrella~!

Anonymous said: "do you shave down under?"

This is such a pleasant question to ask of a lady, so I refuse to answer!

Anonymous said: "do the carpets match the drapes? if you know what i mean winkwink"

I-I am not sure what you mean by this, but my answer would be no?

Anonymous said: "When you are trying to impress people what personality trait do you hide?"

I would hide the way I speak because I’m shallow and I also have a low self-esteem problem. I do try to impress people, I’m a lady and I wasn’t raised with manners, so that should be good enough for anyone!

Anonymous said: "Would you be interested in starting a family someday?"

No, I am not interested in starting a family! Children are so disgusting and I hate them! I don’t want to have a child and I certainly don’t want to have a husband~!

Anonymous said: "If the person you fall in love with has a problem with the way you speak, would you consider changing it for him/her?"

I would consider it. If they disliked the way I speak, then they don’t love me.

It's [not] Freeplay Weekend! 

Freeplay Weekend! 

Would You Rather Wednesday~! 

It's [not] TMI Tuesday...